The Missing Diagnosis:

Chronic infections, such as Herpes and Shingles, can activate the JNK gene of human cells. Mycotoxins from food and prescription drugs (such as statins and antibiotics) can induce autoimmune illnesses and cancer which also activate the JNK gene. When the JNK gene is turned on, the DNA replication mechanism is also activated; when this is out of control cancer is the result. All of Dr. Yoseph's formulas are made to address the common link of JNK gene activation in chronic diseases linked to mycotoxins and infectious toxins such as in HSV.

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Natural Solutions for LIFE and HEALTH:

Dr. Yoseph's formulas optimize two main biochemical pathways of cells: the metabolic pathway (cell energy) and the mevalonate pathway (cell replication).

Prescription drugs and other toxins can block the mevalonate pathway. Dr. Yoseph repeatedly warns, "Do NOT block the mevalonate pathway!" otherwise cells cannot replicate and, therefore, cells die. Keep the mevalonate pathway open and optimized. This is called "life".

All cells need energy to perform their normal function. Feed the metabolic pathway and keep cell water alkaline, and cells will function normally. This is called "health".


As a Flight Surgeon, Hannah's top job was to keep healthy aviators free of prescription drugs and to optimize wellness naturally.

Author of 15 self-help medical books and growing, she continues to formulate natural solutions for conditions touted to have no remedy.

​Whether Lou Gehrig's Disease, Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus or MS, Hannah's repeated message is loud and clear: Natural solutions follow naturally when the cause is properly identified and understood.