The active ingredients in allclear are formulated for Herpes Simplex, Shingles (Herpes Zoster), Impetigo, Molluscum, hard-to-treat cystic acne, insect bites and more—and are formulated to suppress JNK, the gene of microbial replication. Apply a thin layer as needed for sores and rashes. Safe if ingested (non-toxic). This ozone-activated balm is made with plant-derivedHerpes Cold Sores and Shingles and the bacteria that cause Impetigo and stubborn acne. Apply externally as often as needed to speed up the healing time of outbreaks and use regularly to lessen outbreak frequency. A little goes a long way! Generous 80-gram jar with a pleasant cherry scent! Natural ingredients for super-fast healing time and outbreak prevention include: Plant oils of Coconut, Lemon, Camphor, Olea Europaea, Eucalyptus, Cherry, Peppermint; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, BHT and O3. The active ingredients in allclear Internal Powder are a must to suppress and eradicate viruses from the inside. Viral outbreaks (Herpes Cold Sores and Shingles) begin on the inside, so effective treatment addresses the inside infection as well as the outside rash. The powder is formulated to suppress the activated JNK gene that helps viruses replicate inside cells. Simply mix ¼ tsp. daily in yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese or smoothie. Yum! We chose to keep allclear in powder form to be mixed with the recommended foods listed on the label, so as to increase the potency by maximum absorption. This proprietary blend includes Colostrum, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Glutamine, Mannose, B-Glucan, Erythritol, Curcumin, Quercitin, and Safranal. Keep taking the supplement until the outbreak clears (a minimum of two months’ use is recommended). One jar is a one-month supply (30 servings).

AllClear 2-PART ANTI-HERPES SYSTEM: Includes one O3-activated ozonated and one internal powder supplement. Outbreaks begin on the inside, so effective treatment addresses the inside infection as well as the outside rash.
✅ ADDRESSES ROOT CAUSE OF OUTBREAKS – AllClear anti-Herpes balm includes ozonated plant oils, a technique patented by Nikola Tesla to generate ozone derivatives that reduce pain and swelling, destroy pathogens and promote rapid healing of viral and bacterial outbreaks. Pleasant cherry scent!
✅ CLEAR UP YOUR JNK – Infectious outbreaks begin on the inside. Use AllClear Internal Powder to support healthy nerves (HSV resides in nerves) and suppress the activated JNK gene used by pathogens to replicate on the inside.
✅ REAL MEDICINE based on PROVEN SCIENCE with FAST RESULTS - Ozonated oil has natural sterilization properties that provide fast healing and suppress future outbreaks. The “allclear” ozonated balm used together with “allclear” Internal Powder assures enhanced results.
✅ FOR CLEAR SKIN NO MATTER WHERE – Also highly effective for Impetigo, Molluscum, Pox, bacterial rashes, cystic acne, boils and infected bug bites. Your satisfaction is guaranteed—no questions asked, ever!