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Dr. Yoseph's natural health solutions (called the practice of "cellular health") focuses on two main biochemical pathways of cell: the metabolic pathway (energy production) and the mevalonate pathway (cell replication). When supported, these two pathways optimize cellular health and, as a result, often reverse most any chronic degenerative or autoimmune disease.

Statin drugs block the mevalonate pathway of cell replication. Dr. Yoseph repeatedly warns, "Do NOT block the mevalonate pathway!" otherwise cells cannot replicate and die. Keep the mevalonate pathway open and optimized. This is called "LIFE"!

All cells need energy to perform their normal function. Feed the metabolic pathway and keep cell water alkaline, and cells will function normally. This is called "HEALTH"!

Her cellular health protocols are simple - but not easy!

Whether Lou Gehrig's Disease, Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus or MS, Hannah's repeated message is loud and clear: Deadly fungal toxins in food and drugs are implicated in a host of "autoimmune" conditions. Hope is found in in taking the ax to the root of the tree. Natural solutions follow naturally when the cause is properly identified and understood.

Dr. Yoseph specializes in preventive medicine and finding natural solutions for conditions touted to have no remedy, such as HSV1/HSV2 outbreaks, autoimmune illness and diseases connected to high cholesterol. In her first book on Statin Drugs, Dr. Yoseph blows the whistle on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs that block cells from replicating. She proves how these drugs trigger a series of reactions in cells that causes cholesterol to shift from the blood into the cells of organs and muscles, causing harm to those cells. If this goes out of control, cell destruction and cancer are the result. With over 300 pages of court-admissible evidence, Dr. Yoseph proves how statins (mold toxins) were first used in the early 1970's by statin drug developers to prove how statins induce cancer, and how cancer is preceded by a decrease in cholesterol.

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