Hannah's natural health solutions (called the practice of "cellular health") focuses on two main biochemical pathways of cells, which when fully functional, promote cellular health and reverse chronic disease: the metabolic pathway (that makes energy for cells) and the mevalonate pathway (that replicates and therefore renews cells).

Statin drugs block the mevalonate pathway. She repeatedly warns, "Do NOT block the mevalonate pathway!" otherwise cells cannot replicate and die. Keep the mevalonate pathway open and optimized. This is called "LIFE"!

All cells need energy to perform their normal function. Feed the metabolic pathway and keep cell water alkaline, and cells will function normally. This is called "HEALTH"!

Her cellular health protocols are simple - but not easy!

Whether Lou Gehrig's Disease, Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus or MS, Hannah's repeated message is loud and clear: Deadly fungal toxins in food and drugs are implicated in a host of "autoimmune" conditions. Hope is found in in taking the ax to the root of the tree. Natural solutions follow naturally when the cause is properly identified and understood.


In 1968, Dr. Marvin Siperstein discovered the connection between low cholesterol, cancer and poisoning of cells by fungal toxins. Aflatoxin, a common fungal toxin found in stored grains, predictably caused cancer AFTER it lowered cholesterol in human cells. While Marvin furiously worked to find the cure for cancer, drug companies ferociously mined for fungal toxins as if for rare gold. In 1972, a Japanese drug company discovered a fungal toxin called a "statin" which was used by Marvin's Dallas-based team to advance their research into the cancer-cholesterol-mycotoxin connection. Marvin's lab mysteriously relocated to San Francisco, while his Dallas boys developed the best-selling drug for lowering cholesterol - a "statin". 

This wasn't the first time a deadly toxin had been marketed to lower cholesterol. Published by Hannah Yoseph and documented by Judge Ralph Adam Fine, "The Great Drug Deception" is the untold story about "MER-29", a cholesterol drug prescribed by duped doctors from 1959 to 1962, until a surprise FDA inspection hamstrung the disease-causing drug party.