NOTE:Due to activation of the immune system's white blood cells that are mobilized to remove dead and dying viruses, some children may experience increased swelling, redness and pain. This is called a “Herxheimer reaction” or “healing crisis” caused by blood vessels having become “leaky” to allow white blood cells to exit the arteries to clean up the debris. Therefore, symptoms may worsen before they improve. This is actually a good sign although no one wants to hear that when they are hurting. Simply stop treatment until symptoms improve then start treatment again. For best results, continue treatment for at least four weeks after symptoms improve.

Molluscum Zap: 2-Part Anti-Molluscum Contagiosum System for Children
Treat the Inside AND the Outside

✅ ANTI-MOLLUSCUM 2-PART SYSTEM – This 2-part BUNDLE includes (1) part “E” (External Balm) and (1) part “I” (Internal Powder). Molluscum rashes begin on the inside. Treat the and the outside with Molluscum Zap 2-part system for children to clear outbreaks and suppress future outbreaks.

✅ ADDRESSES ROOT CAUSE OF MOLLUSCUM OUTBREAKS - Doctor-Formulated all-natural and POWERFUL formulas synergistically suppress the JNK gene used by Molluscum viruses to replicate.

✅FORMULATED FOR CHILDREN – Lemony-scented external balm and tasty powder food supplement blends well in yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese or smoothie. Yum!

✅REAL MEDICINE based on REAL SCIENCE with REAL RESULTS - Highly-effective in the suppression and destruction of the Molluscum virus. See Dr. Yoseph's web site for scientific studies. Unconditional satisfaction guarantee!

✅MULTI-PURPOSE – Clear up and suppress Impetigo, Pox, viral outbreaks, bacterial rashes, boils, acne and infected bug bites too!

Product Description and Directions:

BALM: Molluscum Zap External Balm is made with plant-derived and butters that have been proven to suppress or destroy the virus implicated in Molluscum contagiosum outbreaks as well as the bacteria that cause Impetigo. Apply externally as often as needed to speed up the healing time of outbreaks and use regularly to lessen outbreak frequency. A little goes a long way! Do NOT use in eyes. MOLLUSCUM ZAP is based upon best-selling HERP-B-GONE with soothing butters and a pleasant lemony scent for children. Generous 80-gram jar. A little goes a long way! Natural ingredients for super-fast healing time and outbreak prevention: 

POWDER: Molluscum Zap Internal Powder is a must to suppress and eradicate Molluscum from the inside. Molluscum outbreaks begin on the inside, so effective treatment addresses the inside infection as well as the outside rash.Molluscum Zap Internal Powder is formulated to suppress the activated JNK gene that helps Molluscum replicate inside cells. Simply mix ¼ tsp. daily in yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese or smoothie. Yum! We chose to keep Molluscum Zap Internal treatment in powder form, to be mixed with the recommended foods listed on the label, so as to increase the potency by maximum absorption. This proprietary blend (60 grams) includes beta-glucan, colostrum, N-acetyl glucosamine, D-mannose, erythritol, curcumin, quercitin, silibinin, honey granules and safranal. Keep taking the supplement until the outbreak clears.


BALM: Oils of coconut, lemon, camphor, eucalyptus, frankincense and peppermint; cocoa butter, shea butter, BHT & beeswax

POWDER: Beta-glucan, Colostrum, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, D-Mannose, Erythritol, Curcumin, Quercitin, Silibinin, Honey Granules and Safranal

    USA & New Zealand